LinkedIn Lead Generation: An Essential Strategy For B2B Companies

When last did you examine your lead generation strategy? With a specific focus on examining your cost per lead, your conversion and client retention rates, from those leads? For B2B companies, employing a strategy that emphasizes B2B lead generation is crucial.

In many instances, B2B companies have it easy. With the right lead generation strategy, they’re more likely to get higher converting leads with minimal ad spend… But there’s plenty of noise surrounding what is – and what isn’t – an efficient strategy.

Over the past few years, every social media has had its moment in the sun: first Twitter, then Facebook, followed by YouTube and Instagram. For B2B companies, however, the most consistent source of leads is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). While SEM is comparatively effective when you analyse the numbers the cost per lead is – to put it bluntly – ridiculous.

Working alongside expert lead generation companies, you’ll discover, the key to an efficient B2B lead generation strategy is not quantity but quality leads. Although cliché, LinkedIn is the home of quality, high converting leads, in comparison to other B2B lead generation options. Because the platform is built to help businesses find, convert, and retain leads.

Why is LinkedIn Lead Generation So Effective?

To understand why LinkedIn lead generation is so effective, you need to understand what LinkedIn lead generation is and how it differs from SEM and other strategies.

In SEM lead generation, you’re focusing on targeting keywords for people in a specific region. Anyone can search a keyword, they may not be in your target audience, and therefore having your ads displayed for them would be futile. Whereas, with LinkedIn ads, you’re able to target specific groups of individuals, based on highly specific criteria that are more likely to convert.

Once you’ve found a formula that works, it’s relatively easy to scale. Of course, how “easy” it is to implement and scale a LinkedIn lead generation strategy is subjective. The more appropriate use of words would be that it’s easy if you hire a team of highly skilled lead generation experts, who will walk you through the process, set up your strategy, and maintain it.

Additionally, LinkedIn lead generation is so successful because the platform itself is very niche. It’s easier for B2B companies to build trust and forge connections on LinkedIn than on any platform. When you combine that with the ability to publish extremely targeted ads, the businesses and professionals you’re targeting through LinkedIn are more likely to develop a relationship with your business.

Linkedin Lead Generation

If that’s not convincing enough, LinkedIn lead generation costs almost 50% less per lead than SEM lead generation. But why doesn’t LinkedIn lead generation get its moment in the sun? Why aren’t any B2B lead generation companies talking about it? The answer is simple … profit. B2B lead generation

Companies make more money recommending a strategy that focuses on SEM as opposed to LinkedIn. The initial and on-going commitment is far pricier and so are their fees.

But, our job isn’t to sell you the highest, priciest option. Our job is to get you quality leads that are more likely to convert and easier to retain. That’s why we recommend LinkedIn lead generation above any other B2B lead generation option. LinkedIn lead generation works regardless of your company size or stage. And because of our expertise and proprietary data, we’re able to make LinkedIn lead generation highly effective, efficient, and cost-saving!

Contact us so we can develop a superior B2B lead generation strategy.

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