LinkedIn Lead Generation: A Detailed Guide

Most business owners and entrepreneurs have one challenge in common: lead generation and converting leads into faithful customers. 

Gone are the days when phone calls and text messages were functional for lead generation, but as digital marketing takes over traditional marketing, it has become imperative for business owners to embrace networking platforms to generate leads.

LinkedIn lead generation has shown the highest conversion rate of all social networking platforms, with options of generating leads for free or at an affordable cost.

LinkedIn is especially beneficial for B2B companies, and this article will guide you through the most successful strategies to collect leads using LinkedIn.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation 

If you are wondering why you should use LinkedIn when you have a very active Facebook or Twitter page, or perhaps spend a lot on advertising for your B2B company, there are several reasons why you should. 

  • LinkedIn is a professional platform that brings your business face-to-face with major companies and professionals who keep abreast of industry trends and seek like-minded businesses. 
  • It has the highest lead generation rates. Research shows that as much as 80% of leads generated by B2Bs on social media come from LinkedIn.
  • It is the first choice for B2B marketers and companies.  Market research shows that over 90% of B2B marketers distribute their content via LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has the most active professionals. Its users are incredibly active. Over 500 million users, over 250 million business owners, and professionals are active on the platform monthly. 
  • It is a cost-effective platform for lead generation. You can generate leads on LinkedIn for free. The paid strategy is also affordable and gives you twice the conversion rate of other paid advertising strategies.

If you need more convincing, the very nature of LinkedIn supports tailoring your search directly to B2B companies and employees and also helps them find you using several targeting options. 

6 Best Techniques for LinkedIn Lead Generation 

1. Profile Optimization

The first step to collect leads on LinkedIn is looking like a business to be taken seriously. This process starts with completing your profile and making your page look professional and interesting. 

Aim to fill out as many parts of your profile as possible, beginning from a title that aptly describes your company. Ensure the ‘About’ section gives relevant details of your experiences, accomplishments, and skills without being too wordy.

Include recommendations from companies you have worked with, colleagues, awards you have received, and proof of your skills and expertise.

You should also take advantage of the featured section to attract prospective leads to your projects, events, publications, landing pages, and the likes.

Also, take note of search engine optimization when filling out your profile, making posts, and carrying out your account activities. Employ SEO strategies on your company page using relevant keywords that people are likely to use when searching for companies, brands, or services like yours.

One thing to remember when filling out your profile is that it should be interesting enough to arrest your leads’ attention.

2. Publish Articles and Updates 

One effective way to get potential clients’ attention and collect leads on LinkedIn is to post articles and updates frequently. 

Your articles should showcase your business expertise, answer questions about your company, and get people engaged with your content.

When you publish good content, your connections will get notifications, share them, and boost your visibility. Users and businesses can also follow you from your article, search your profile on the platform, and discover what your business offers.

If possible, make daily updates on your page as it will ensure you are always visible to your connections, and they are continually engaging with your company. In no time, trust is built, and they can tell that you know your onions. 

Besides creating a new relevant post daily, which might be difficult, you can share relevant information related to your company, share your newsletters, and draw your connection to your previous posts.

When creating posts, take time to get creative captions, add audio-visual elements, use bullet lists, and other features to make your content attractive.

Uploading creative posts can work as free advertising if you conclude them with a compelling call to action and include links to your page, website, or landing page.

3. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are essential for lead generation. Joining groups that are relevant to your business and industry takes you one step closer to your leads.

After joining groups and learning as much as you can, endeavor to engage in conversations and post relevant content if it is allowed. Answer questions within your field of expertise asked on the group and provide necessary information to others without obviously promoting your company.

You can also start forum discussions, find out people’s opinions, and build a rapport with other members on the page.

4. Personalize Messages and Launch Out 

Your primary aim is to collect leads using LinkedIn so you should take the necessary action to do that. 

After setting up your profile, making some connections, and joining relevant groups, it is time to begin actual lead generation. This process starts with generating messages to send to prospective customers and partners.

One mistake many entrepreneurs make is sending impersonal connection messages that are easy to ignore. Make every interaction personal and warm without being too forward.

The Launch out stage should include your preliminary connection message, progress to an offer message where you bring what you are offering to the table, and tell them what they stand to gain from working with you.

The response to your offer message will then determine how you go forward. If the answer is neutral, you can exercise patience while reminding them of your offer. 

 A negative response should not send you running off immediately. Instead, remind them that your offer still stands, and then think of a better approach.

An affirmative reply is an instant addition to your list of leads, and you can follow up either with a call, email, or meeting. 

5. Content Sponsorship

Sponsoring your most relevant content on the LinkedIn feeds of relevant people will help your lead generation as your content will appear where you want it to. 

You should add interesting clips and images to your sponsored content, so it leaves an effect on your prospective leads. Also, ensure that your posts always have a compelling headline and a powerful call to action.

Also, start a sponsored InMail campaign that allows you to send messages directly to the inbox of relevant connections and businesses. Your InMails should contain mouth-watering offers for your prospects, let them know what you have on offer, and what they stand to gain from cooperating with you.

6. Dynamic LinkedIn Advertising 

  Adverting on LinkedIn is more expensive than other social media platforms, but it is more specialized and tailored to your target leads.

You can streamline your target based on demographics, industry, company, job title, job seniority, and the likes. Once you can master optimizing your Ads correctly, you will make over 100% returns on investment. Some persons have reached as much as 400% ROI in lead generation. 

Use dynamic Ads on LinkedIn to send specific marketing messages to prospective leads. You should also learn how to personalize the post-click experience for your target customers. 

Final Thoughts

Beyond all doubt, LinkedIn lead generation is the most effective for B2B companies. The platform is home to the best free and paid tools and the perfect audience for your business.

It is not enough to be on the platform; you need a good strategy to collect leads using LinkedIn. The above tips can help you position your company better, gain recognition by your target audience, generate leads, and convert leads to customers.

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